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Just a heads up of what's going on, I've been incredibly busy — and yes, that's a good thing. We've landed four new clients since the beginning of the new year, and it's hard to find time to breathe, let alone write a blog post.

One of our newest clients is Abel James, from the Fat Burning Man and author of the wildly popular “Wild Diet.” 😉

What's the Wild Diet? If you're into Paleo (mostly meats and veggies, but no nightshades or dairy), you're going to like this.

But if you're into Paleo but with a modern twist, or, better said, if you like Paleo but you also like carbs and dairy, this is the diet.

In short, “strict” Paleo is, I believe, a bit too strict. But the Wild Diet emphasizes whole foods, real foods, and unprocessed foods. I like that. A lot.

Plus, Abel is a big proponent of Intermittent Fasting (which I do 4-5 days a week), and the Fatty Coffee (coffee with butter), which is just another way of doing ketogenic fasting.

If it sounds weird, it's not. Trust me, cream in your coffee is no different than adding milk and butter, really. So adding butter to your coffee tastes like cream — and it's delicious!

Besides, it gives you the calories you need while fasting. (So you're not really fasting but not spiking your insulin, either.)

The best part, Abel also offers a ton of tools, recipes, and coaching tips. I really love his style and, having become a fitness “freak” in the last two years, I've studied so much — and learned a lot, as well as recognized how much of it is B.S. (ahem, that's “baloney sandwich”) out there!

“Swig down that protein shake and testosterone boosters within the first hour postworkout, dude!” Ugh.

Diets are worse. Heck, 99% of “diets” out there are nothing but supplement-biased, magazine-pushed, starvation-inducing schemes. There. I said it.

But I love Abel's take on fatloss because you don't have to diet (even though it's called “wild diet,” it's really a lifestyle, not a sacrifice). You don't have to sacrifice to live and get lean. Love it!

Abel is one of a few clients we recently added to our workload.

As for Sylvie, she is going nutty-bonkers trying to catch up, hiring and training new customer support staff (believe me, good people are so hard to find!) while managing new helpdesks and customer service staff.

So that's it for now. Hope your weekend is fantastic. Enjoy the ride!

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