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If the company offered a guarantee, first try to get them to honor it. Follow their instructions for obtaining a refund to the letter if possible.

If you paid by credit card, call your credit card company, explain the situation, and ask if they can charge back the amount.

If you paid by check, you can put a stop payment on the check, but only if it hasn't already been cleared.

Report the scam. Following are some good places to do so:

  • Email to report unsolicited commercial email “get rich quick” schemes.
  • Email the National Fraud Information Center at
  • Email the Internet Fraud Center at
  • Email the US Postal Inspection Service at or to report unsolicited chain letter email scams.
  • Call PhoneBusters at 1-888-495-8501 to report telemarketing fraud.
  • For AOL members, email to report spam email.
  • For Compuserve members, email
  • Email to report writing/publishing scams.

Stay safe! It's a jungle out there!

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