Take Your Reader For a Drive

When I critique, edit, or rewrite sales copy, I discover that many clients commit some common errors. Granted, not all of them are writers. But most of them fail to drive customer actions not because they lack writing skills but […]

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How I Write Copy in Seven Steps

A lot of people ask me how I write copy. I don’t mean the actual writing process (such as how I come up with headlines, bullets, offers, etc), but how I tackle the actual task of composing a new sales […]

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Give Your Joint-Venture Offer An Extra Punch

The other day I was asked: “How do I motivate a potential joint venture partner to bite? When you have a great idea and you’ve located the perfect partner, how do you motivate them to do business with you?” I […]

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Lowball Puts You Behind The Eight Ball

If you’re a new or aspiring copywriter, here’s one important tip: don’t be cheap. Too many beginning copywriters believe that offering cheap rates will get them more business. I’m not saying that it doesn’t. Of course, offering low rates and […]

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