Want to Maximize Your WordPress Website Fortin-Style?

Many people have asked me for this, and now I’m seriously thinking about doing it. (Yes, I hear you, Mike Sigers.) I’m thinking of offering a WordPress training course. No, not a basics course and not something too advanced. And […]

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Can Copy And Content Commingle?

Last year, a bunch of copywriters who also blog — like yours truly — shot the breeze on the Nuts and Blogbolts talk radio show. It was an interesting and at times spirited discussion. After some talk about content and […]

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Pain in The Butt Forces Free Interview

I’m in Austin, Texas this week to attend a wedding — congratulations to Heather and Brandon! — and a weeklong, private seminar with my mastermind group. But while I’m here, I’ve got some good news and some bad news… The […]

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Boost Exposure With These Tips And Plugins

A couple of notes. First off, my personal coaching program has room for three more students. As a member, you can ask me unlimited questions, one question at a time, which I will answer. This is a great opportunity to […]

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