When And How To Use An Alias In Business

A member in my coaching program asked a question about the legality of using an alias or pseudonym in copy. In other words, a pen name. That is, is it legal to write the copy in the voice of a […]

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Did Larry Winget Go Overboard?

If you have been living under a rock in the past few weeks, then you might have missed one of the biggest kerfuffles in Internet history. Or so it seems. No, I’m not talking about the contested elections in Iran. […]

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Extortion: The New Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?

Today, a client has requested, out of the blue, a refund for copywriting work performed last year. Yes, last year! Can you believe it? Over seven months have passed and this one client is asking for his money back. His […]

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Black Hats Are For Magicians, Not Marketers

Whatever happened to sales and marketing? Simple question, I know. But think about it. How many businesses have you come across lately spouting the latest and greatest trick, tactic, or cashgrab? You’ve heard of the saying, “Hate the game, not […]

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