Take Your Reader For a Drive

When I critique, edit, or rewrite sales copy, I discover that many clients commit some common errors. Granted, not all of them are writers. But most of them fail to drive customer actions not because they lack writing skills but […]

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Why Some Friction in Sales Copy is Good

Using italics, bolds, highlights, etc to add emphasis in copy is a powerful tool. But use too much, and you are actually creating the opposite effect — everything looks the same and nothing is emphasized. So you must emphasize judiciously […]

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Multiply Your Marketing Like a Virus

People talk. They talk about products. They talk about businesses. And they certainly talk about their experiences with both. With the proliferation of social media, the Internet provides incredible leverage to help spread that word-of-mouth, or as Dr. Ralph wilson […]

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What Copy Cosmetics Communicate

I used to run a copywriters forum. The members once fiercely debated the differences between “clean copy” and “clunky copy,” and how design can affect response. What’s “clunky”? I’m talking about odd layouts, inconsistent typestyles, different-looking fonts, garish colors, overemphasis […]

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