Two Shining Stars in an Age of Darkness

One of my favorite shows on TV of late is Shark Tank. The show centers on aspiring, brave, and sometimes downright idiotic inventors and entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas in front of a group of merciless, seemingly heartless multimillionaires, begging […]

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Michel Fortin Interview Part 5 of 5

Michel Fortin: If you look at the laws and rules and all that wonderful stuff, they do exist for a purpose. And I understand that. But I also believe in education because the more you educate people the more you […]

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Michel Fortin Interview Part 3 of 5

Michel Fortin: No, I think if you want to look at optimism in the best way is to look at it as an educational process. Learning is part of it… sitting down with people, talking with them, spending time with […]

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"Success in marketing is simple … Find the right message, use the right media, and deliver it to the right market." — Creator of "Magnetic Marketing," Dan Kennedy, who’se my mentor and the inspiration behind this book. Welcome to "The […]

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