How to Target Your Perfect Customer

The most important part of your copy is not your headline, not your offer, and certainly not your benefits. The most important part is your customer. Sounds obvious, right? But in the last few weeks, I’ve been critiquing some pretty […]

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Why Some Marketers Are Psychics

Why is it that successful marketers and online entrepreneurs seem to have this virtual "6th sense" when it comes to pinpointing hot, hungry, and highly profitable markets they can sell products to? We see this again and again and again. […]

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Website Copy

Throughout my research, I’m always surprised when I stumble onto websites that are professionally designed and seem to offer great products and services, but lack or fail in certain important elements. Elements that, with just a few short changes, can […]

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Answers To Questions, As Promised

Some people have asked me quite a few questions in the comments section of my last article, “How to Write Carrot-Wielding Copy.” And some of these questions were immensely valuable. I could have answered them within the comments section. But […]

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