Stop Serving Customers to Save Money

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, and you’re trying to grow your business but you’re drowning in a mountain of client emails, and your inbox is overflowing with too many sales and support questions, then you need help. But […]

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“Do What You Love” Explained

So a lot of people ask me to explain my quote, “Do what you love and the business will follow.” To clarify, it has three different and distinct meanings. First, if you do what you love, the business (the idea […]

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Time to Flip The Light Switch

After my wife passed, my grief was compounded by not only the loss of my business partner but also the loss of some major client accounts — and a huge chunk of my income along with it. An understandable reason […]

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Traces Tribute to Sylvie Fortin

Sylvie and I were members of a mastermind coaching group called AM2, founded by Armand Morin. Part of that membership includes a monthly magazine with online marketing and business-building tips, articles, and news. Armand and his wife Marianna were so […]

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