Upcoming WordPress Virtual Business Summit

I am so excited to be a presenter for the upcoming WordPress for Business Virtual Summit by WP Academy, taking place all next week, plus more bonus sessions! Join thousands of entrepreneurs and WordPress enthusiasts from around the world for […]

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Brain-Burning Brand Names Boost Business

Part of my job as a copywriter is coming up with names. A while ago, I wrote a blog post on the power of names. I won’t repeat it here, except to reiterate that branding, albeit not a priority for […]

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Thou Shall Appoint Thyself

A recently understood segment of marketing is the immense power behind the product category. Often, many businesses build their entire marketing strategy around a particular brand and its better qualities within a currently known product category, only to have it […]

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Thou Shall Make The Ordinary Extraordinary

So, if you’re following the commandments, you should now have a unique name, possibly a tagline, and established yourself as the first or leader in your unique category. What about the service or product you offer? Do you offer an […]

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