Give Your Joint-Venture Offer An Extra Punch

The other day I was asked: “How do I motivate a potential joint venture partner to bite? When you have a great idea and you’ve located the perfect partner, how do you motivate them to do business with you?” I […]

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Multiply Your Marketing Like a Virus

People talk. They talk about products. They talk about businesses. And they certainly talk about their experiences with both. With the proliferation of social media, the Internet provides incredible leverage to help spread that word-of-mouth, or as Dr. Ralph wilson […]

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If Long Copy Stinks, Think Soap

I often talk about the need for long copy often depends on your market. Borrowed from Eugene Schwartz’ magnum opus Breakthrough Advertising, it’s based on the market’s stage of sophistication for the product. The newer the product is, the less […]

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What Copy Cosmetics Communicate

I used to run a copywriters forum. The members once fiercely debated the differences between “clean copy” and “clunky copy,” and how design can affect response. What’s “clunky”? I’m talking about odd layouts, inconsistent typestyles, different-looking fonts, garish colors, overemphasis […]

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