Why Clients Wanted to Outsource Customer Service

The 90s boom of companies and entrepreneurs doing business on a global level brought more than a few challenges. These successful businesspeople had the savvy to succeed, but often didn’t know how to navigate rapidly-changing technology, the massive learning curve for doing business online, and the needs of their customers all at once.

In short, there was a massive market to outsource customer service for.

That’s where Supportibles came in.

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost twenty years since we started out. The first seeds for what would become Supportibles were sown back in the mid-90s by company founder Sylvie Fortin. At the beginning, she helped a handful of clients take care of their customer support needs so they can have more time to focus on their business.

A Word About the Founder

Sylvie Fortin founded Workaholics4Hire, the company that would become Supportibles, on a shoestring budget. As a young single mother of three small children, Sylvie set out to create something special with the company.

The site that would become Supportibles launched in 1999 to an amazing response. It became clear that Sylvie’s company had found something in demand, and that there was a severely under-served customer base that was growing exponentially.

In 2006, she married Michel Fortin and continued to work when she could, finding new ways to expand and developing new ways to outsource customer service solutions for her clients. Supportibles began developing and offering a broad range of support solutions for its clients, targeted to a very specific type of customer:

Passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs with vision.

Today, Supportibles is a 2,000-person company serving hundreds of clients.

How Outsourcing Saved Her Life

The secret to her success? The amazingly talented team that worked at her company. Sylvie’s approach to outsourcing and training meant she was surrounded by trusted, experienced professionals so she could focus on building the business.

This was important to her for very personal reasons, too.

In 2006, Sylvie was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

Between rounds of chemotherapy and treatment, Sylvie was either hard at work or spending time with her family. Her own story is a testament to the power of outsourcing. By allowing her team to take care of her clients and her business, it allowed her to take the precious time she needed for treatments and family.

Unfortunately, she lost the fight with cancer, passing away in 2015. Despite this tragic setback, Sylvie’s legacy lives on in the company she created from scratch and in the hard-working approach to customer service Supportibles takes, all thanks to her vision and leadership.

Easy Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

In the years since, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes of successful companies everywhere, and have been instrumental in building multi-million-dollar business systems for our satisfied clients. We’ve had the chance to work with some of the best and brightest names in the web.

In short, we’ve come a long way.

From a small business, ran by a single mother working from home, to the extensive team at Supportibles today, big things truly have small beginnings, and we’re always looking towards the future and what it will bring.

Meet the Supportibles Team