Simple and Affordable Billing For Your Business

What's the cost of outsourcing, you ask? Well, no two customers are alike. What works for one of our clients won’t necessarily work for you. While some may have just a trickle of support requests to deal with, others may have a flood of them. Outsourcing rates in your particular case will depend on how busy your support requests are.

Unlike other customer support solutions on the market, however, we don't bill by the hour or by the ticket. While they may appear cheaper at first, your ultimate costs can be easily inflated and therefore larger.

Passing the Savings Onto You

That’s why our outsourcing fee is based on a scaled flat monthly rate based on the average daily volume. You are only ever billed based on your support needs. We bill you according to how active your customers are, not on how active we are.

Part of the reason we bill based on average volume is so that we can help you save money. We don't break down or reframe the price to offset sticker shock. What you see is what you get! Supportibles bills according to the amount of time it takes to work on your customer support account each day, based on the services you need, giving you total control over your costs.

How Much Help Do You Need?

Think of your customer service needs as a body of water. Is the trickle of a small creek? A steady stream? Maybe you’ve got the heavy current of a river to deal with, or maybe you’re overwhelmed with a flood. Whatever the case, we’ve got the resources to handle your needs.

Rates for Customer Support and Technical Support

General Customer Support

TRICKLE1 – 2.5$700 – $1,650$500 – $1,200
STREAM3 – 5.5$2,000 – $3,600$1,450 – $2,600
RIVER6 – 9.5$3,900 – $6,150$2,800 – $4,450
FLOOD10 – 16$6,400 – $10,200$4,600 – $7,350
TSUNAMI17 – 30$10,400 – $18,900$7,450 – $13,500

* Canadian clients must add 13% HST.

Technical  Support

TRICKLE1 – 2.5$1,050 – $2,650$750 – $1,900
STREAM3 – 5.5$3,150 – $5,750$2,250 – $4,100
RIVER6 – 9.5$6,250 – $9,850$4,450 – $7,000
FLOOD10 – 16$10,300 – $16,450$7,300 – $11,650
TSUNAMI17 – 30$16,850 – $30,600$11,900 – $21,600

* Canadian clients must add 13% HST.

Detailed and Accurate Account Reports

We’re committed to total accountability, which is why we deliver monthly reports on your account. It all starts with setting up your client service account. We monitor this account to determine the average amount of time it takes our team to handle your support needs, and then we set a monthly subscription informed by the baseline average.

Your subscription can always be scaled up or down, depending on how your needs change, and you will only ever have to communicate with a single dedicated customer support manager.

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