Ensure Effective Management of Outsourced Tasks

If you’ve got a team of freelancers working on a project, keeping them on-track and on-schedule is a must. When you outsource tasks, hiring a project facilitator can help take the stress out of the situation. Our expert project facilitation staff are here to help support your success and ensure accountability in all aspects of the project.

More Than Management

A project manager is typically a representative of the team of workers you’ve outsourced tasks to, ostensibly working for you. Our project facilitators, meanwhile, are your boots-on-the ground representatives. They are there ensuring your best interests are kept. They work for you, not for the hired guns.

They’re there looking at the big picture, and they will:

  • Ensure effective project planning from start to finish;
  • Find and hire the best talent for outsourced tasks, and ensure they’re properly trained;
  • Manage cross-team collaboration efficiently;
  • Monitor the project and set appropriate goals;

  • Oversee team-wide communications and report directly to you;
  • Set and enforce your deadlines; and
  • Provide quality assurance of any deliverable the you receive.

Let Us Handle the Details

From planning to talent management, we’ve got your back. Because the freelancers we find you are independent of Supportibles, we don’t charge markups, and they bill you directly. This means you’re only paying us for our project facilitation services, and no other outsourcing fees.

That said, we’re always be happy to help you with other aspects of the job.

It starts with a meeting with your project facilitator. Once they’ve spoken with you, they’ll provide you access to our web-based project collaboration system. From there, you’ll discuss your current project needs and your facilitator will draft a plan to find the best timeline and workflow process to ensure your goals are met.

You have the final say on every decision, from talent to deadlines and everything in between.

Facilitation Fee Structure

Your project starts as an “On Call” account, and as we develop a working relationship and put time in on your project, your monthly fee scales accordingly.

Compared to the $90k a year salary of your typical project manager, our fees are incredibly affordable. Best of all, we’ll always notify you in advance if your project will require additional work, giving you total control over your expenses.

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