Misconceptions About Solutions for Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an excellent way to save time and money on tasks and needs your business can’t handle alone. But with that in mind, there are plenty of myths about the nature of solutions for outsourcing, how they work, how much do they cost, and what they can (and cannot) do.

These common myths get in the way of success, either because businesses aren’t aware of what they can outsource, or because they try and outsource too much. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about outsourcing.

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Myth 1 – Outsourcing Is Easy

Sure, outsourcing can be easy… provided you know what you need done, can provide clear instructions on what you want done, have the infrastructure in place to make it easy for a freelancer to drop in, and know how to find and retain reliable remote workers.

You can absolutely outsource any work, but don’t expect freelancers to be business strategists. They need direction, guidelines, and your leadership to make sure the job is done to your standards.

With the right structure in place, it’s incredibly easy for workers to drop in as needed and work successfully. Without it, you’re stuck covering the full, detailed onboarding process for every new freelancer you hire.

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Myth 2 – Outsourcing is Cheap

In terms of financial cost, it’s always easy to find workers willing to do the job at a lower price… but in those cases, the word “cheap” is a description of both the price and the quality of work you’re going to get.

While you can cut costs by outsourcing tasks and jobs, those savings come from the fact that you’re paying for reliable workers to handle key tasks that would otherwise eat up time and wages for your full-time workers.

Outsourcing isn’t cheap, which is to say outsourcing isn't a source of mediocre work. But done right, it can certainly be more economical than the hiring, training, and managing of staff, without the need for overhead and maintaining a payroll that comes along with it.

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Myth 3 – Outsourcing Gets You Back On Track

Like all good myths, there’s a grain of truth in this one. Businesses outsource when they need to get handle on their workload, generally by farming out the generic, day-to-day minutiae of their work.

For instance, technical support, backchannel support, and the like are often handled by these remote workers. Outsourcing can help a business get back on track, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Without a strategic plan, it’s simply shifting who’s doing what work, and could cause more headaches than it solves. Supportibles has, on more than one occasion, been called in to fix a mess caused by other outsourcing solutions.

We don’t just wait around for you to tell us what to do—we get around to doing it before it becomes a problem.

How We Find Easy Solutions for Outsourcing

We've developed our services around proven systems that eliminate the bottlenecks and the problems businesses frequently face when they decide to outsource. We look at your needs, scale our services to match, and on-board smoothly to ensure there are no gaps in your support.

We don’t manage people or projects in the traditional sense. We facilitate their success.

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