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FortinPress at Udemy

FortinPress, launched a few months ago, is where I teach my enhanced strategies, shortcuts, and resources for building attractive, responsive WordPress websites.

I “pull back the curtains” and reveal how I optimize my websites using powerful tricks, tools, tweaks, and more.

People absolutely raved about the course!

But here's something new you might be interested in…

Recently, we decided to dip our toes into new “digital” waters and try out a multimedia training platform called Udemy. If you haven't heard of Udemy, this rapidly growing online training environment is like a blend of Clickbank and Amazon.

Udemy offers video training courses on a variety of topics, from technical how-to to personal development. The main difference is that it offers them in smaller, bite-sized chunks with different teaching tools to maximize your learning.

So we're currently offering FortinPress, which is the exact same program offered at, but delivered through this awesome multimedia platform.

And right now, you can give it a try at a massive discount.

Why a discount?

First of all, the only difference from the original course is, we had to edit it and break it down in order to fit Udemy's requirements. The result? Over 147 brief lectures along with support materials. Yup, nearly 150 short video modules of a few minutes each!

This is new for us and we want to gauge this new enhanced platform.

But also, we're really proud of this training and we know that once you give it a try, you're going to love it, too! In fact, we're so confident, we want to give you a “nudge.”

For a limited time, we want to offer you a special introductory price where you can take over 50% off the cost of this powerful WordPress training.

You save a whopping $152!

But you better hurry. This deal ends on next Monday, Labor Day, 2012.

Here's how to get FortinPress at a 50% discount. All you need to do is create your Udemy account (or use Facebook to login), and join FortinPress using this voucher.

But remember, it's valid only until September 3rd, 2012. So you have a few days left!

By the way, if you ever wanted to promote FortinPress, here's your chance. Udemy also has a generous, built-in affiliate program, and you can make a commission for promoting us! (We're just waiting on final approval from Udemy.)

Again, this is our way of saying thanks in appreciation for being a loyal subscriber and follower. We appreciate you so much! But don't forget that this voucher expires September 3rd, 2012. Here's the special discount-coded link prepared for you.

See you on Udemy!

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