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My good friend, Daniel Levis, just penned an email series that pulled in over $30,000 in just 10 days for one of his subscribers…

… From a tiny little list of less than 9,500 names.

That's more than $3 per name!

Even better, there were no fancy videos. No launch partners and prizes. Nothing but good old email and a house list.

He wanted to prove that by doing everything WRONG — exactly the opposite of what most people do with their list — you actually make way more money.

You'll be shocked when you see the stats that he shares at the webinar I'm hosting with him later this month.

It's module 1 of his brand new 4-module Email Alchemy training course that unveils every single tip, trick and tactic for creating these windfalls. He’s going to open the kimono wide and show you every last detail.

The full, 4-module course is $497, but with this FREE pass to module 1. You'll get to see a real-live case study that breaks through any limiting beliefs about whether it's possible to create the same kind of life-changing paydays for you… with the power of a hot keyboard and the insider skills he reveals.

It's the ultimate roadmap to turning unproductive, ready-to-be-deleted, road kill email lists into your own Fort Knox and solid gold profits.

Here’s just a small taste of what's in store:

  • Busting the big myth about open rates…
  • Why conventional wisdom is dead wrong about content marketing (and why content is way too much work anyway)…
  • The upside-down truth about clicktrough rates…
  • The missing “Secondary Reward” you must provide for your subscribers (not in every email, but in most)…
  • The soap opera theory of email marketing…
  • PLUS, we'll be digging into the meat of real emails he just used in the 10-Day, $30,000, $3 per name campaign.

He'll basically be “opening his brain,” and dissecting these proven, profit-pulling emails, and the actual strategies and thought processes behind them.

So you can zip right up the learning curve to true email marketing mastery …and ditch the painful trial and error that most people never get past.

It'll be live and interactive. There'll be real-time Q&A and a truly astounding mother lode of free gifts to celebrate the recent release of this premium training. No purchase required.

Heres the link again…

Access Part 1 of This $497 Course For FREE!

Talk soon,
Michel Fortin

P.S.: If you write emails to promote your own products and services, then this training is perfect for you. It's also ideal for hired gun copywriters looking for the most lucrative ways to bag quick, easy 5-figure paydays writing these innovative campaigns.

Michel Fortin

Chief Experience Officer at Supportibles, Inc.
A copywriter and consultant for close to 30 years, Michel was instrumental in selling millions worth of products and services. His most notable success is a salesletter that sold over a million dollars online on launch day. Today, Michel is a best-selling author, in-demand public speaker, and highly sought-after marketing consultant. Get his free report, "The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning," at

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