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A few weeks ago, we wanted to update our family photos since all our kids have grown up, and we wanted something more recent.

So we had a complete family photography session done by a local executive photographer, Luc St-Amour.

“Isn't our family beautiful?” Says the proud dad. 😉

(When you compare these to the photos from our wedding, you can see how much they've grown. Now I really feel old!)

There's my wife, Sylvie Fortin. The blond is my daughter Megan Malette (24 years old). The redhead is my daughter Céleste Coley Fortin (20). The brunette is my daughter Paige Coley Fortin (17). Last but not least there's my son, Tyler Coley Fortin (16).

(By the way, did you know Sylvie's birthday is on Halloween? Don't tell her I told you, but this year she's turning the big 4-0! But no matter what age, she's as beautiful as ever.)

Obviously, I couldn't wait to share these with the world. I hope you don't mind this little sneak peek into the personal life of “Michel Fortin.” Click the photos to enlarge.

Fortin 09-40-20  #006    1 - 7x7
Fortin 09-40-20  #975    1 - 7x7
Fortin 09-40-20  #012    1 - 8x10

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