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The surest way to get that extra bit of cash in time for it to be useful for the holidays is to go analog lol! *nods head* That's right, take it offline.

Anything you can do online at this point is not likely to get you set up, running, doing the work and getting paid for it in time for this holiday season. So turn off the computer and start looking around your neighborhood: babysit, rake leaves, chop wood, shop, run errands, clean houses – deep clean, that one time, top to bottom, pre-decorating type of cleaning, not to replace their regular cleaning person, but to augment, shovel snow, etc. Catch the drift? These are one-time chores that will net you the cash now.

Put up holiday decorations. I'm mentioning this one separately because with busier people and our aging population, holiday decorating is getting more time consuming and is taking more effort than it used to. Just a few jobs could get you the extra cash you want for the entire season. I've heard everything from $45 for putting up the decorations on the tree to thousands of dollars hanging the decorations for inside and out. You don't need to make a business out of it, just enough to get you the amount of extra cash you'd like this season. You don't need to provide anything. You use their stuff. You're just doing the physical work for them as you would any other chore. You might need to be careful here though. If you start advertising to make people aware of you as a service (like hanging posters around town) your town, county or state may say you need a license to solicit business. But if you just ask your neighbors what chores they may have to be done, “like hanging the Christmas decorations” there should be no problem. Btw. if you would like to make a business out of it you might like to look at Holiday Decorating from Businesses at

Good luck in your search for work!

Michel Fortin

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