Let Us Handle Your Customer Support Needs

Maybe you don't think you need outsourced customer support services right now. But as your business grows, your customer support inquiries are going to increase, too. It's unavoidable! The real problem comes from when your company gets swamped with these inquiries and requests, nevermind the bottlenecks they cause.

That’s where Supportibles comes in.

Our outsourced customer support services let you focus on running, expanding, and improving your business. We handle your customer inquiries and requests, ensuring you only ever see those that absolutely require your attention. Over time, these will gradually disappear as our team becomes more and more familiar with your business.

Scalable Solutions For Your Business

Our customer support solutions scale to fit your needs. It all starts with your Customer Support Team Manager, your primary point of contact for all your support needs. They will let you know if and when it's time to add to your team.

Each member of your support team is in turn supported by that team leader who will handle everything in your customer support center.

  • Training
  • Scheduling
  • Management, and
  • Communications

Your Team Manager oversees a team of Customer Support Representatives who start by familiarizing themselves with the workings of your customer support systems, products, and sales systems.

sales retention balance2 - Outsourced Customer Support Services

Knowledgeable, Courteous, and Literate Staff

Our Support Representatives are carefully screened, recruited, and trained to make your customers happy, save you money, and boost your bottom-line. They will handle your customer support needs, and you’ll only ever be looped in if there’s something that requires your immediate attention.

Our professional staff are native speakers and are all based out of North America (or Europe or Australia for our international customers), which means they work your hours and are available when you need them. All our staff have full professional English fluency, and some are even professionally bilingual to better suit your business’ needs.

We also work to reduce questions and inquiries on our end, developing detailed strategies and procedures as we learn the optimal way to handle your support needs. More important, our goal is to reduce refunds and returns, and upsell and cross-promote to maximise sales.

We scale to suit your business.

Your customer support services grow along with you. As your business grows, so too does our support to match your needs. The best part? We provide affordable rates that we know you’ll be happy with.

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