Back to Blog staff members have never met each other in person. And they've never even met their boss. But with employees in 13 states, 4 provinces and 2 countries, is truly a virtual company.

Connected through cable wires and on-line services, the staff members of are in an excellent position to sell the idea of telecommuting to the masses. They're a living, breathing example of how it can be done.

And how it can be done is by utilizing the many on-line services that are available for personal and business use. Daily communication is conducted via e-mail or instant messenger services. Staff meetings are held in on-line webinar rooms. “Communication by telecommuting takes on a whole new meaning. We use Internet collaboration tools, instant messaging, project management resources, the telephone, discussion boards, and tons and tons of email,” said Sylvie Fortin, president and founder of, “And it works.”

There are other benefits to conducting business in a virtual environment. Having staff members in several time zones helps ensure members will receive prompt service. “Last night, we had an emergency project come in. It took us five minutes to get someone working on the project, and by the time my client in London opened his mail today, his project was done,” Fortin said.

Some managers resist the idea of telecommuting because they feel they have less control over their employees, but Fortin sees things from a different point of view. “Controlling telecommuters is really not about controlling people remotely. It is about controlling productivity and getting the job done quickly and efficiently.”

And telecommuting also makes for happier employees. “With the right tools at our disposal, we can get the job done more efficiently. And we love the best perk of all. Choosing when we want to work, how long we want to work and how we spend our flex time.”

About the Author is an online service formed to create new and innovative employment services for those who are seeking telecommuting employment. Founded in 1999, the company is currently the leading provider of telecommuting jobs and resources. For more information, contact Sylvie Fortin by phone at 1-888-513-WORK or by email at [email protected], or visit

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