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My birthday gift to you

Since last week, people literally told me, “$97 for an entire four- or five-week copywriting course? Dude! What the heck has gotten into ya? This is insane!”

Insane? Maybe.

But let me explain why I'm doing it.

First, we're packaging the course recordings after the series is over for another learning platform, so I'm basically “getting paid” for content creation. Plus, being accountable to live attendees kicks me into gear to get it done.

But why not charge more for the live sessions? After all, attendees get to ask questions when the recordings don't offer that luxury.

The market we're going after with the recorded classes has a specific price point “sweet spot,” so along with the ability to ask questions and the bonus critique, the low price rewards live webinar attendees for taking quick action before everyone else.

Not a good enough reason? Here's a better one, then…

Let's just say that, since today is my 45th birthday (October 14th), you can consider this as my birthday gift to you. But you better hurry, though. This offer is only if you signup for the live webinars. The free bonus critique will not be offered after that.

See you Tuesday?

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