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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

A personal, bittersweet note today.

August is a little hard for me because it would have marked my 9th wedding anniversary with Sylvie Fortin. At least we had eight good years, thanks in large part to The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Through their generous support and groundbreaking clinical trials — along with Sylvie's courage, optimism, and fierce determination, which she had so much of — we were given seven more years than the bleak 18-month prognosis at the onset.

When I get sad as I often do in the last few days, my thoughts often turn to Sylvie and to the idea that I was indeed lucky to be blessed with more time — how little that may seem.

That said, it is also comforting to continue the journey and help those who face similar diagnoses.

Epic Walk for Women's Cancers
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That's why I will be participating once again in the Foundation's EPIC Walk for Cancer Care. It's a 25km (15mi) trek to raise funds that help pay for support, coaching, clinical trials, and much more.

As I said in the video featured on the donation page (please watch it), with every kilometer my blistered feet were getting sore and painful.

But all I had to do is think of the immense pain Sylvie was in every single day as breast cancer metastases ravaged her bones and major organs.

My pain was nowhere near her own!

Please help. Give as little as $5 or as much as $500. Every. Single. Cent. Counts. Do it for me in Sylvie's memory. More importantly, do it for those who, like us, face an uncertain future.

If not, at least share it with your list, your friends, your social media followers. It would mean the world to me and to my family…

Thank you!

Michel Fortin

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