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Envelope stuffing

Envelope stuffing is one of the most popular scams. You won't be stuffing envelopes. What you'll be asked to do is place the same ad (at your own expense) that you responded to, in order to scam other people.
Craft/Electronic Assembly

Craft/Electronic Assembly

You will be asked to pay anywhere from $10 to $200 for a “kit”. You will then be sent something to assemble that, no matter how brilliantly done, will never meet their so-called quality standards.

Purchasing lists of companies that “hire homeworkers”

Lists of companies that hire homeworkers: These lists are often compiled from the telephone book, and many of the companies on them, if they exist at all, don't know they're on such a list, and don't hire homeworkers.

Reading books for pay

Another list, this one of publishers, which you could find yourself on the net for free. While it may be true that some publishing companies pay people to review manuscripts, they pay their secretary or their mother's best friend, so unless that's you, save your money.

Home typists

They say the only requirements are a computer and a good quality printer, and of course, your payment up-front. What will you be typing? Almost always the only typing involved is taking orders from other people that you've had to advertise for who want to work as “home typists” and are willing to pay the fee just like you did.

Order taker/application taker

Order taker/application taker: same as “home typists”.

Email Processors

Email Processors: see “envelope stuffing” above.

$6 Chain Letter

$6 Chain Letter: It's only $6, so why not give it a try? Because no matter what they say in their loooong pitch, it's totally illegal and doesn't work!

Use your brain

Now, if you're still not convinced, look at it this way: If a company was willing to pay you $2 for every envelope that you stuff, and said you could make $1000 a week, AND you could live anywhere, AND they accept EVERYONE who applies, can you imagine how much money they'd be paying out? And if it were really true, do you think they'd have to look further than their own back yard to find people to fill the positions? Nah, they'd have people knocking down their doors to get them – they certainly wouldn't have to advertise for people out-of-state!

So, always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is, and never pay anyone for a job, no reputable company will ever ask you to.