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Sitting at my desk staring out the window (that I *can* open because it's a real window in a real house. One of the perks of working from home. *big, satisfied grin*) And a few work at home job searching tips came to mind. Thought I'd share them:

when applying for jobs:

– check your junkmail for confirmation of receipt of your application. A lot of times we complain that employers don't ackowledge them, when in fact, a lot of times they do, but they use an autoresponder which our email programs see as junkmail.

– Use an email address specifically for your job search. Unfortunately when we search for jobs spammers and scammers get ahold of those addresses. Even when we're out talking about it such as at forums. You'll also know where some of those work at home job spams/scams came from. And you'll know not to open or respond to them.

– Keep track of the companies you apply to. I know this is a chore but it will not only make your job search easier it will help keep you from being scammed. Same blurb as above on using a throwaway, dedicated email address.

*nods head* Honestly. If you keep track, then when you get emails that say “I saw your resume” or “I see you're applying to” or “I see you're looking for a work at home job” you'll know the real ones from the scam/fake ones. (I get those all the time even when I haven't got resumes out or am applying for anything.) So I find keeping track of the real ones, really, really handy! It may be a little bit more of a chore, but it saves a great, big headache!

It keeps your hard-earned money in your pocket and your identity to yourself.

AND an old saw revisited, can't say it enough :p

– Back up your computer — frequently!  LOL!

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