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Newspaper Headline

Things are picking up around here, so to keep the ball rolling, here's the first in a series of mini-tips.

A powerful tip in writing headlines is not to write for your audience. “What,” you say? “Have you gone mad?” Not at all. The idea is not to write for your audience but to write for your audience's friends, instead.

We live in a connected world where social media shares are becoming more popular than phone calls, emails, and text messages.

So the point is to think about how your headline appeals not to your core audience but to the “5 Fs,” that is friends, family, fans, followers, and yes, even foes (you would be surprised how many people follow their competitors in social media).

How will your headline look when it shows up in your audience's Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn feeds with your audiences' names next to it? Will it make them look good? Will it be “liked” or “voted up” by others? Will it make your audience seem thoughtful or thought-provoking? Best of all, will it be reshared?

Bottom line, don't narrow your headline by targeting the people reading it. Think about how you can leverage your headline to pull readers in from your audience's audience.

(More tips like this are coming soon! Better subscribe to be notified.) 😉

Michel Fortin

Chief Experience Officer at Supportibles, Inc.
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