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Are you keeping up with the demand? When to know it's time to start outsourcing for tech support services.

And Tips for Outsourcing IT the Right Way

The Information and Communications Technology industry is growing quickly, and as a result, so is the demand for skilled IT professionals. The fast-pace changes to IT systems and the increase in cyber threats make IT support an absolute necessity in today’s digital world. But without enough qualified professionals to fill the labour shortage in this industry, many companies are left understaffed in their IT departments.

Without the right tech support services, your current staff may become overwhelmed trying to keep up with mounting tasks, and your system and network security could become inefficient and vulnerable to cyber security threats.

If you have trouble finding and keeping enough qualified in-house IT professionals to support your IT system, then it’s time to get outsourced tech support services for your business. These services will help relieve the burden on your remaining IT staff, while keeping costs down and operations running smoothly.

Here are some tips for outsourcing IT support.

Complete an IT Assessment

To help determine your exact needs for tech support—i.e. where is support staff most needed?—you should first conduct an IT assessment.

Consider asking the following questions during this assessment:

  • How secure is your IT infrastructure?
  • Are the equipment and software current?
  • How well is the network maintained?
  • Does your network security pass regulatory standards?
  • Are your broadband networks—both wired and wireless—meeting current and future needs?
  • What qualifications does the tech support have?

Strategies for Easing the IT Burden

To help reduce the burden on existing IT staff, here are several tech support services that can be easily outsourced:

  • Cloud-Based E-Mail – For a secure, reliable e-mail solution, have your e-mail hosted on the cloud—in an externally hosted e-mail system.
  • Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – ERP cloud-based solutions are similar to externally-hosted e-mail systems. ERP boosts reliability and security while reducing the need and costs for on-site maintenance and staff
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – A cloud-based GIS operated by outsourced IT services could have significant cost savings, with data being accessible remotely from the cloud system.
  • Support – Outsourcing Tier 1 and Tier 2 help desk support can really ease the burden for your current staff.

Outsourcing Options

While you can try to outsource part-time staff for additional support on an as-needed basis, you should consider outsourced tech support services that offer virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) services.

Virtual CIO services utilize today’s technology—i.e. cloud-based systems—to provide remote support for a variety of tech support needs—from running remote diagnostics to providing help desk support over the phone or Internet.

As the demand and competition for attracting qualified IT professionals increases, more companies will have trouble meeting their in-house IT staffing needs. But even if you can’t seem to find or keep enough tech support staff on board, you can still keep up with the ever-changing IT industry without the need for hiring full-time IT staff. Outsourced tech support services will assess and fulfill your IT needs, improve your system security and efficiency, and most importantly, ease the burden for your current in-house staff.