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Outsourcing tech support service to solve common UX issues can help your business grow.

Outsourced Tech Support Services Offer Usability Testing to Avoid Common UX Mistakes

User experience (UX) directly affects the success of a business. Good UX brings customers back, while bad UX makes them run, never to return.

Unfortunately, UX issues are more common than you might think. What’s more, these mistakes can be detrimental to the success of your business. You may be making these UX mistakes right now with your products, website, systems, or services, and you may not even realize it.

Conducting usability testing with the help of outsourced tech support services can help ensure you’re free of any serious UX issues. By distancing yourself from your product, and using an unbiased team of tech experts for testing, you can stop making mistakes that are costing your business, and start catering to your customers’ needs.

Understanding Usability Testing

All businesses should strive for easy-to-learn and use products. The more convenient a product/service/website, the greater the likelihood of conversion. For example, if a user is trying to find a product on your site, but the button/link is too small to click on a mobile device, they’ll likely leave your site out of frustration and purchase elsewhere.

Tech support services conduct usability testing to find out what’s working and what isn’t with a given product. Testers give users specific tasks and observe their behaviour while they complete each one. Users are also encouraged to think out loud while completing tasks so the testers can record their exact thoughts and emotions throughout.

In addition, testers record the effort and time spent on tasks, success rates, and the number of clicks needed to complete the tasks. These metrics are used to pinpoint usability issues and influence the UX design of products for the betterment of UX. Designers and stakeholders will also rely on the record of the metrics to convince everyone to get on board with a more user-friendly design.

Let’s look at some common UX mistakes you can solve with usability testing from tech support services:

Designing for Yourself

Sometimes what you want may not be what users want. It can be difficult to separate your own wants when designing UX. But you have a responsibility to your users. Outsourcing services ensures the design will meet the user’s needs, distancing your wants from the user’s needs.

Being Creative Instead of Clear

While you may have a clever, creative idea, there’s a chance that not all users will understand it. Usability testing can help determine if your idea is clear enough for ease of use, or if it’s too complex. It’s also important to follow prototypes to make the user experience simple. Users expect links to be in certain areas of a webpage based on experience with all other sites that use these prototypes.

Assuming UX Is the Same Across All Devices

Unless you have a responsive web design, there’s a high chance your desktop website will not be user-friendly on a mobile device. Usability testing will determine how to make your mobile-friendly sites better, and how to accommodate different devices, such as Android and iPhones.

Neglect Performance

While you may have an attractive web design, how long does it take for the page to load? Businesses often overlook web performance, such as loading speeds and errors, simply because they are invisible. Performance tests will help determine page loading times, errors, and other technical issues users encounter while on your site.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you’re making any of these mistakes, it’s time for usability testing. With the help of tech support services, you can address any UX issues and fix them before you disappoint too many users. And once the issues are resolved, your improved UX design can start converting.