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A Full-Blown Help Desk Can Eliminate Work From Home Stress

Working from home means walking the tricky line between the balance of work and home life. It can often be difficult to separate the two while you strive to manage tasks while maintaining necessary productivity levels, which can be a lot more difficult than anticipated. However, with the required organizational skills, along with the right support services (i.e. your outsourced tasks), you'll be able to improve your workflow and prosper. Here are some challenges you might face—along with tips to help you better manage your time and improve productivity.

Challenges of working from home

Many people prefer to work from home because it allows a high level of autonomy and flexibility. However, despite these appealing benefits, working from home typically comes with many challenges.

  • Overworked – As a remote worker, you bear the burden of being unable to share tasks with coworkers or get overwhelmed trying to keep a definitive line between work and home life. If this occurs, you'll end up becoming overworked and overwhelmed, which can lead to decreased productivity and, in time, burnout.
  • Isolated – Working solo often leads to feelings of loneliness. There is no water cooler for you to kick around ideas or just blow off steam by engaging in pleasant conversation.
  • Technology mishaps – Working from home you heavily rely upon your technology to operate. If your phones, internet, computer, or other technology goes down, it really puts a kink in your workday. This also can impact your level of customer service, which you definitely want to avoid.

All of these challenges remote workers face typically add stress which can have a significant negative impact on productivity, quality, and overall work satisfaction. Experiencing a decline in these areas can also lead to a poor work-life balance since, chances are, you'll constantly be in a state of worry.

Easy steps to overcome these challenges

Despite the fact remote workers often face many challenges, the good news is there are solutions you can utilize to help alleviate these pain points.

  • Set boundaries – To avoid the negative effects of becoming overworked, be sure you set boundaries. Designate office hours and stick to them—this will help you to better manage your time and it lets your family and friends know you're off limits during these hours. Remember to schedule a lunch hour and regular breaks in too.
  • Prioritize work – To help with time management and avoid getting hung up on tasks, take care of your most dreaded task first. Your day only gets better once you get the tough stuff out of the way.
  • Designate times for email – Email can quickly lead you down the rabbit hole. Set a few specific times, reasonably spaced out, during the day to check email. This way, you stay efficient with your time and don't get yourself lost in endless emails.
  • Outsource generic tasks – Are you struggling to manage your specialized tasks and keep up with customer service? If so, look to outsource some of these tasks to skilled people who can help you to free up your valuable time.

By setting strategies—and sticking to them—you'll not only find your burdens diminished but you'll be able to put a solid focus on your core competencies and activities, along with your specialized and priority tasks.

Why remote workers need business and IT support systems

Managing remote work and juggling the logistics is a difficult balance. In recent years, statistics have indicated employers often don't provide their employees with the support they need. Furthermore, with the rise of BYOD, people might be on their own when it comes to dealing with customer service related and internal tech issues that can crop up. This can be a hassle to deal with, but there is an easy solution found in business and IT support systems. By turning to an outsourcing partner to help with office support solutions, the job becomes much easier.

To help relieve excess burdens, you can:

  • Hire social media support to assist in assuring you make routine posts, give timely responses, and have an updated profile.
  • Get help with answering your phones to help with your customer service support.
  • Have expert IT knowledge at your fingertips in the event a connection, computer, or application goes down. Theoretically, you can establish a full-blown IT help desk with outsourced tech support.

Back office outsourcing is not the complicated process it might seem. In fact, it's quite simple because the possibilities are numerous when it comes to outsourcing tasks. Essentially, you can pick and choose the services you need solutions for with your support partner.

While it's true remote workers today face many challenges, fortunately, they also have more solutions than ever before. When it comes to a need to outsourcing customer service and other tasks, help is only a click away.

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