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Many people have asked me for this, and now I'm seriously thinking about doing it. (Yes, I hear you, Mike Sigers.) I'm thinking of offering a WordPress training course.

No, not a basics course and not something too advanced. And not any old training course teaching stuff you would expect to find for free online.

But a “Fortinized” WordPress training. A “how-did-he-do-that” course that shows you how, exactly, I tweak, optimize, modify, and monetize my WordPress websites.

Let's just call it for now. 😉

It's been on my mind for the last two years now. I was supposed to put one together with another marketer, but it never materialize for a number of reasons — being extremely busy being one of them.

I want to gauge your level of interest on this. I want to see if you would be interested. So here's what I envision, what will be included, and the price point…

The course itself will be delivered over 4-5 weeks through a series of webinars.

I prefer live webinars because you get to see me do it, in front of you, live. I share my desktop with you, and you get to see what I do, how I do it, as I do it. You also get to see the innerworkings of my websites, warts and all, and any snags that appear, which is a perfect learning environment.

Here's the tentative course synopsis:

1. Introduction and Examples

In this session, I will go over WordPress, how I specifically use it, how I turn it into a content management system (CMS), how I use it on my clients' sites, and more. I will also give you a sneak peek at the admin areas and the tools I use.

2. Themes and Styles

I will go over theme tweaking, styles, and graphics — from making basic layout changes to more advanced modifications. When people ask, “Michel, how did you do this or that on this theme?” This session will answer that question.

3. Plugins and Functions

This session will focus on plugins — the plugins I use or recommend, and how to set them up. Not all plugins are usable out of the box. Some need tweaking. I will show how I set them up and offer a downloadable Excel spreadsheet of all my plugins and where to get them.

4. Tools and Shortcuts

In this session, I will go through some of my tricks and external (non-WP) tools I use to speed it all up. I will show you how I use Firebug, SEO tools, page speed tools, cheatsheets, social media integration, cross-browser tweaking, etc.

5. Money and Traffic

I'm thinking this may be something a lot people will love to know, and that's how I monetize, market, and drive targeted traffic to my WordPress website. Without PPC or advertising. I will talk about list-building, content strategy, and social media integration.

6. Open Q&A Session

The final session will be an open question-and-answer session. This is where I will answer any and all of your questions related to the course content. If it takes an hour, I'll take an hour. If it takes three, three it is. I want to take all the time needed to answer all your questions.


Not sure about this one, but I think a free trial to a one-month Success Chef University might be a good bonus. This is not going to be some forced continuity thing. If you like the free trial, you will need to re-subscribe to keep it going. Just sayin'.

Success Chef also includes the weekly Wednesday night classes and the derivative products, like List Whisperer, Marketing ESP, the Copy Doctor, etc.


I do plan on offering an upsell. The reason I'm doing it is not entirely because I want to maximize sales, although that is obviously one of the reasons. But more important, I feel like this is one upsell people will actually ask for and buy.

What is it? It's a private, one-on-one session with me.

This is an opportunity where the student can book a time with me, and I go through their website, theme, and plugins, and perhaps even web copy and strategy.

In it, I will review their setup, answer individual questions, and provide actionable recommendations. Perhaps even fix a thing or two while on the call, and implement a few tweaks right on the spot (within reason, of course).

Again, this is a tentative list. It might change, especially based on your feedback. All these sessions will be recorded and available online in a password-protected area.

The price point will increase once the sessions have been delivered and uploaded. I want to offer a lower price point before and while I deliver the course as a special introductory price.

My thinking is $297 is more than a fair price. I looked at other courses of this type, and $297 is actually on par or less than most.

The upsell will be $997 (total) for both the course and the full, one-on-one session. Considering that I charge $1,000 for critique consulting, and a minimum of $3,000 for any copy project, I think this price point is more than fair.

Now, you don't have to choose the upsell.

You can buy just the main course for $297.

I only want to make the one-on-one session available to those who need more hand-holding and individualized attention.

But if you have a website right now, and you're wondering how to tweak it but don't know how, and if you prefer to save the hassle and expense — Mike Sigers said he was charged $2,500 to modify just one page! — this will certainly be a bargain.

So let me know your thoughts.

To answer a few of your questions in advance, let's say I'm looking at next week as the launch, and the course will be delivered throughout July. Probably in the afternoons.

(However, if you choose the upsell, the one-on-one session can be booked at any time based on any openings on my schedule.)

All the sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings. You can share your private session (if you choose the upsell) with a freelancer, partner, staff member, or designer, if you wish them to implement some of the things I recommend.

(Keep in mind, I will do a few tweaks for you, and do it live. This is only if the changes you need fall beyond the scope of our time together.)

Standing by and listening…

Michel Fortin

Chief Experience Officer at Supportibles, Inc.
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