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Answer these questions as honestly as possible and you should have a better idea what you are capable of. Working from home is one of the hardest tests of your endurance. Before striking out in search of home based employment, it would be best if you take the time to answer these questions as honestly as possible.

  1. Would you consider yourself proactive (i.e. taking action before being asked to perform)?
  2. Is your office well organized? Are files and information easy to find?
  3. Are you equipped with high speed internet access?
  4. Do you have a specialized telecommuter's resume prepared?
  5. Do you have a lot of energy and want to work even when the typical 9-to-5 day is done?
  6. Do you work toward specific goals that you have set for yourself?
  7. Can your client/boss depend on you to get the work done on time and with exceptionally high quality?
  8. Are you comfortable taking calculated risks?
  9. Are you self-motivated, taking the initiative to complete projects without being requested?
  10. Are you resourceful-coming up with creative, imaginative ways to solve problems?
  11. Do you consider yourself a leader rather than a follower?
  12. Can you juggle many projects or responsibilities at one time?
  13. Do you enjoy multi-tasking?
  14. Do you have a positive mindset, eager about your work and what you are doing?
  15. Do you remain optimistic despite difficult situations?
  16. Do you have perseverance, sticking to a project regardless of distractions and roadblocks?
  17. Are you sure of your abilities? Do you have the confidence you are the best person for the job you are doing?
  18. Do you adapt well to new situations and change?
  19. Do you have the discipline to stick to an assignment regardless of others' comments and beliefs?
  20. Do you have the personal vision to imagine the future results of your work?
  21. Do you want to be your own boss?
  22. Are you decisive and can easily determine what direction to follow?
  23. Are you a hard worker, giving 100 percent to every assignment, regardless of the pay rate?
  24. Can you handle high-stress situations?
  25. Can you learn a new software tool quickly and easily? (within a few hours)
  26. Do you consider yourself innovative and imaginative?
  27. Do you have strong time management skills-giving yourself time to work and to relax?
  28. Do you approach change as another positive challenge rather than as a overpowering burden.
  29. Are you persistent, continually trying to find an answers to resolve an issue?
  30. Do you have over five years experience in your chosen field?
  31. Have you ever worked from home before?
  32. Are you willing to work as an independent contractor, if necessary?

After checking the boxes next to the items that apply to you, click the “Score” button to get your Telecommuting Readiness Score. Use the following chart to determine what adjustments, if any, you should make before you consider working from home.

Score 0-15: Not ready
You need to spend a great deal of time reviewing all the options available to you. There's a lot to learn about what it takes to work from home and we are happy to help wherever possible. Spend time going though every section of the site and see which areas of your current situation need improvement. Take the time to make adjustments to your current situation before applying for work at home jobs. It may be the most effective step you can take towards becoming a full time telecommuter.

Score 16-25 Almost ready
You're almost there. review the list of questions you didn't answer with a “Yes”. Think of ways you can improve upon these traits or skills, and make sure to take full advantage of the resources available to you. When you can come back and score 26 or more, you'll be ready to take on the challenges of working from home!

Score 26-32 Totally ready
You are totally ready to work at home. Get out there and show off your stuff! However, take some time to contemplate the questions you didn't answer with a “Yes”. Is there a way you could fill in these gaps, to better prepare you?