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A week ago, thieves smashed into our car while in Montreal and stole our laptop (my wife's main work computer), and my daughter's purse, credit cards, and cell phone.

Plus, it was raining hard. My poor wife had to stick garbage bags with duct tape to cover the broken rear window, which now rested in millions of pieces on our car seat, while she attempted the three-hour drive back.

As you can imagine, it was disheartening.

But this event may have in fact inspired us.

For example, my wife is using my old laptop to restore her backups. It's the one I use to record our webinar classes, such as, and

We were thinking about how we can work around it for upcoming webinars, which led to a discussion about new ones we want to do in the future. This, coupled with student and subscriber feedback who have been asking, generated an idea.

Let me ask you this. What if…

What if I offered a new webinar series on, say, five classes entirely focused on my own brand of copywriting? Not just any copywriting, but specifically deconstructing my famous five classic copywriting formulas. Would you be interested?

Better still, I can provide some real-world examples of those formulas in action, perhaps apply them live while writing or critiquing copy, and even spend some time in Q&A sessions at the end — just like I did with FortinPress.

Here's my initial thought…

  1. OATH – The most important formula. The most important part of sales copy isn't the headline. It isn't the product, the price, or the proof. It's the market!
  2. QUEST – The flow of sales copy. Yes, AIDA is about getting attention, interest, desire, and then action. But how do apply that to sales copy and where?
  3. UPWORDS – The power of painting pictures. Words that appeal to and invigorate the most senses are proven to induce the highest response.
  4. FAB – The real benefits behind the features. Features and benefits are not enough. Otherwise, they are just fluff. You must understand ultimate benefits.
  5. FORCEPS – The various forms of proof. People are skeptical, so telling the truth isn't enough. You need the “ring of truth.” And you need to back it up.

I figure a price like $197 for all five classes. Each class will be an hour and half, and at the end of each one I will open it up for questions and answers.

What say you?

Your feedback is always welcome.

Michel Fortin

Chief Experience Officer at Supportibles, Inc.
A copywriter and consultant for close to 30 years, Michel was instrumental in selling millions worth of products and services. His most notable success is a salesletter that sold over a million dollars online on launch day. Today, Michel is a best-selling author, in-demand public speaker, and highly sought-after marketing consultant. Get his free report, "The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning," at

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