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Hallelujah! This has been driving me nuts! And exhausting me. Can't trust half of anything you read anymore. You need information and find an article, you have to research it and verify it yourself. Personally wasted tons of time and energy doing that. All because of other people's greed.

Of course I don't mean just eHow. That's not that big a deal. Most people do know their own way of coddling an egg or changing a tire. So in that respect they are to some degree or other qualified to write about it. That wasn't that bad.

I'm referring to advice I've seen given on work at home boards recently where someone will say (this entire thing is paraphrased) “I'm new to working at home. I have no skills. I have no experience. I hate working on phones. What do u suggest?” And the answer is “write.”. Or worse yet, “Im knew to working AH. I cant do anythin. I have no experience. I H8 working on the phone. What do u sugest?” And the answer is “write.”

But I'm hoping it will carry over to other sites where more is expected of the articles. where the articles are carrying more weight in people's lives like Wikipedia, Suite101 etc., that still pretty much allows just any ol'body to write articles will be better screened first.

Used to be you could pretty well rely on things you read being written by someone who knew a lot about the subject – if not an absolute expert or at least being checked and triple checked. Was beginning to feel the web was useless for information and the greed goblins had completely taken over and won!

Hope this is the beginning of a overall raising of the bar in the quality of writers and articles allowed.

What do you think? Are you angry that they're breaking down on eHow articles and therefor you're losing the few extra bucks you can make on the side for relatively little. Or are you happy they're finally going to stop allowing articles to be written for a pittance so that you have a better chance of making a decent dollar for your work?

Demand Media makes editorial changes

NEW YORK | Thu May 5, 2011 7:38pm EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Demand Media (DMD.N) is shutting down a program that lets anyone publish to its eHow website, and plans to raise the quality of its how-to articles and videos by commissioning higher quality stories.

The company commissions short, lightly reported articles and videos for eHow, often for low pay. It uses software algorithms to choose topics that it thinks people will search for in large numbers, thereby pushing those articles to the top of Web search results on Google (GOOG.O) and other search engines. That in turn brings in more advertising revenue.

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