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headlineoptincrowd1 - Crowdsource Your Way to Success

If you ever wondered how to outsource your work using new and creative ways that get it done faster, cheaper, better, and ethically, too, then you need to watch this video.

Called “crowdsourcing,” this relatively new outsourcing technique — I say “relatively,” as the term may be new but the technique is as old as outsourcing itself — enables you to cull specific skills from the public at large.

Often, for little to no cost.

Whether you're outsourcing already, planning on doing so, or just want to save time and money, this is for you. Crowdsourcing also allows you to bypass freelance bidding sites that can turn out to be expensive and risky, often with less than desirable results.

In it, Sylvie exposes some of the best-kept secrets to get stuff done. Some of which have never been revealed until now. It was originally recorded from a private online webinar to our Success Chef students, but we're making it available for the first time.

The video might be free, but you must register to watch it, as we highlight Success Chef University in the backend because that's where the video comes from. However, you get immediate access to this video on the next page. You can unsubscribe easily, anytime.

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