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file0001740365772 1080x675 - We're Changing Gears Because...

We're kicking ourselves. Hard.

Why? Because we've recently discovered a multimedia-based learning platform that independent trainers can upload their classes to, sell with, and even promote through using this site's generous affiliate program.

(It feels weird saying we “discovered” it, because they've been around for a while. We knew about it before, but we didn’t realize their extraordinary potential until recently.)

I will later reveal who they are. But for now let me say they're like a blend of “Clickbank” and “Amazon” but in the online, classroom-style training world.

If you teach, have, or want to create a training program or a video course, or if you want to monetize a tutorial series, an audio podcast, membership site content, you name it, this resource is excellent.

What blew us away is this…

  • They are massmarket-driven (but can be niche-specific).
  • They get tons of targeted traffic as their reach is deep.
  • And, they have a built-in affiliate management program.

In short, they manage all your sales, your affiliates, and their payouts for a very low percentage. Best of all, if your course sells well and has good ratings…

… They'll even promote for you!

Granted, it's definitely not a “set it up and walk away” platform. They are pretty clear that they only promote those who promote themselves first.

But what we're looking for is to break out of our niche and develop a long term strategy where we can reach some brand new eyeballs over the long stretch with multiple products and a full-on backend marketing system in place.

Why are we doing this?

Well, here's where we're kicking ourselves:

One course we found (one we could have done easily since we taught something similar to our Success Chef students during our live Wednesday night webinar classes) has close to 5,400 active members. They sell it at $199 a head.

Do the math.


Ouch indeed.

So, we're creating courses for this new platform to test it and see. We're pretty confident this is going to work extremely well. We're also tying it with a whole backend marketing machine, from capturing and nurturing leads, to developing repeat sales.

We're starting with an existing course we already sell online at the moment. But after that, we're going to create a brand-new course on the fly.

And we're literally doing it live on Success Chef!

If you're an active Success Chef student, you can watch us each week as we create, upload, brand, write, publish, manage, and promote courses through this fantastic platform. If you're not a Success Chef member yet, now is the time to join.

Bottom line, if you've been thinking about creating an existing stream of near-passive income with your existing content or a way to repurpose it, or if you're passionate about a topic but struggle monetizing it…

… Then this might be ideal for you!

So join us now and watch us each week as we share this exciting discovery and monetize the heck out of it.

(Pssst! Remember that I promised I'd reveal what the platform is? Well, here's a hint. Go watch this interview now. Really do. ‘Til the end. One of founders behind this platform shares a ton of nuggets. It's very impressive!)

Michel Fortin

Chief Experience Officer at Supportibles, Inc.
A copywriter and consultant for close to 30 years, Michel was instrumental in selling millions worth of products and services. His most notable success is a salesletter that sold over a million dollars online on launch day. Today, Michel is a best-selling author, in-demand public speaker, and highly sought-after marketing consultant. Get his free report, "The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning," at

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