The Top 4 Problems with Work-at-Home Job Search

By: Sylvie Fortin Let’s face it. Finding a work-at-home job is one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, right? Everywhere you look, you see promises, promises, and more promises and most of these promises fall far short of reality. […]

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The Telecommuter’s Portfolio: What’s In Yours?

By: Sylvie Fortin Working from home is more than resumes and cover letters. You need to have a professional portfolio if you want to be successful. A portfolio shows prospective clients that you’ve got the “right stuff.” Without it, you’re […]

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Writing the Perfect Telecommuter’s Cover Letter

By: Sylvie Fortin Cover letters are a critical ingredient commonly missing in most telecommuters’ applications. Creating a great telecommuting cover letter is immensely important to your potential for getting the job! It is the very first thing a prospective employer […]

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4 Winning Personality Traits of the Successful Telecommuter

By: Sylvie Fortin Did you know that all successful telecommuters share four basic personality traits? That’s right; ALL successful telecommuters have four winning qualities that help catapult them to the top of their game. To help you on your way […]

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