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IMG 0989 764x675 - Cancers, Clients, Camps, Oh My!

Long time, no type! I'm still alive. Things have been quite busy around here lately, as I'm sure you know if you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter.

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For example, the good news is the fact that, for the first time in over a year, we're seeing regression in all my wife's metastatic tumors. As you can imagine, we're doing the happy dance!

That's on top of the fact that my wife had to miss a full cycle of chemo because of nagging gallstone attacks. This means that we would have seen even more regression if she didn't skip a whole month!

Great news, indeed. But wait, there's more…

… We're also proud soon-to-be grandparents!

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Our son, Tyler, and his girlfriend are expecting. We have just learned that it's a boy. (I can't wait to meet you, little Parker!) The expected delivery date is late October (which happens to be close to Sylvie's birthday). Cool, huh?

Happy dance number two!

Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at WordCamp Ottawa last month, which was a blast! The room was packed. Apparently, a lot of people are interested in building businesses online. 😉

When I was done, I walked down the hall at Carleton University, organizers were stopping me to tell me that Twitter was abuzz about my talk. The event as a whole was a success, especially compared to last year's WordCamp.

Above all, one thing that has kept us crazy busy is… new business!

Since February, we have been taking on several new big-ticket projects, many with new clients. By that we mean large copywriting projects, and several customer support services with the same clients with multiple businesses.

Speaking of camps and big-ticket items, my friend Armand Morin is doing another free WebCamp streaming class in the next two weeks about that very subject: how to develop, market, and sell big-ticket products and services.

High-priced, high-profits products are not as hard as you think. It's about quality, value, and delivery. But like most people, you might have a challenge coming up with big-ticket products and successfully selling them.

Armand has successfully sold high-ticket items for over a decade — both online and off. He's going to show you how you can do it, too, at his Big Ticket Big Money WebCamp! As with all other WebCamp, it's live, 100% free, and streamed directly to your computer.

Get more information and signup for this three-day streaming event.

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