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After a much needed change, I decided to completely revamp my blog. The old one was good, but it was cluttered, too busy, and distracting.

I wanted to simplify.

I wanted to get rid of the clutter and look crisper, cleaner, and more focused. The previous one had too many ads, messages, social icons, etc.

I loved the overall design and some of the main design elements from Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, and Darren Rowse. So I decided to emulate them.

I realized that they use Genesis as their framework, but I'm in love with WooThemes. In fact, I wanted a WooTheme theme because all my other blogs have WooThemes, and I love their framework, their sidebar manager, their built-in shortcodes, etc.

I wanted those features on my own blog!

Lastly, I wanted to re-introduce commenting, but with a twist. I once used Disqus, which I liked a lot. But I wanted more social media integration. Recently, LiveFyre came along with full social networking integration and some good reviews.

So this is it! But I need your feedback on a couple of things…

What do you think? I'm still tweaking it, and I not 100% sure I want to keep it like this, including the comments. Let me know in the comments.

What else do you think I should add or remove? If you look at the bottom footer section, there's nothing (compared to last time where I had the most popular posts, etc).

Brian Clark and Chris Brogran have nothing, too. But Darren's blog has a neat footer section. Ideas? Suggestions? Let me know in comments below.

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