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Did you know that you have an untapped source of revenue at your very fingertips? It’s true, but there’s no need to look too far for it because that source of revenue is you! If you’re ready to uncover the hidden skills inside you and leave the rat race of work-at-home job boards behind, then you’re definitely in the right place.

The key to your success as a telecommuter is that you need to understand how very easy it can be to become full-time employed from home without having to fight the masses of other work-at-home wannabes. The key is in coming to the right employers with a pre-packaged set of very specific services to offer based upon your core strengths and skills.

Instead of waiting for jobs to pop up on the internet, where you'll have to compete with thousands of other jobseekers just to get the job, you need to understand that to become a truly professional contractor, you can bring your set of skills to the hiring table to create your own jobs! When you know what to say to employers and how to offer your defined services in answer to their needs, you can begin writing your own ticket.

When thinking about your core strengths and skills. Additionally, you need to think about very specific applications for the skills you already have and not the vague and generalized lists of skills that are so often placed on resumes. Your goal is threefold:

Create a list of your most specific skills. Assess your core strengths. What do you do really well? In previous jobs, what do employers count on you for time and time again? What kind of jobs really inspire you and get you motivated to give your best? Be sure to think through all of your abilities and list them all no matter whether you think it relevant or not at this point.

Connect your specific skills to pre-planned services. To begin writing your own ticket, you will need to create an inventory of services that you can provide to customers. Rather than responding to their job ads, you can go to a business and present your specific services. Soon enough, businesses will be coming to you rather than the other way around.

Believe it or not, when you tie your core strengths to specialized services, you become an incredibly hot commodity. No longer are you competing with the countless masses scurrying around for the work-at-home scraps, you’ve become a legitimate business in yourself.

Locate the right customers who want your services. This step is definitely the key that brings it all together: you must find clients who need your services (whether they know they need them at this point or not). If you’re wondering how to go about doing this, the answer is simple: Research and trial-and-error!

Once you’ve created your specific set of services, it’s time to research any and all of the potential clients within your field of expertise and/or who might need your service. Once you’ve found your demographic, it’s time to convince these businesses how working with you can benefit them.

For example, if you have a strong skill set as a desktop publisher and you’ve designed a host of services that help small businesses create a more professional image (e.g., through letterhead, fliers, signage, advertisements), then you can begin by simply targeting small businesses in your community.

If you have a pre-packaged proposal that lays out the benefits of improved marketing and presentation materials to small businesses, samples of your work, a pricing plan, and an implementation strategy, you can quickly convince many small business owners right in your own community that they need you and your services.

It takes hard work, preparation, and courage, but—if you really apply your strengths with what you love to do—you can create a business for yourself that allows you to serve others while helping yourself build your own dreams. What are you waiting for? Your success begins today!